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Ed Tech Tools and Resources: Move Your Body and Fuel Your Soul

A Libguide to help Marlborough employees navigate Ed Tech Tools and Resources available at Marlborough


Lion Mind vs. Dog Mind

Meditation on How to Not Touch Your Face

Meditation on Emotions

Meditation on Boredom and Restlessness

Meditation from Dr. Lowenstein

Movement with Ms. Rothschild

Workouts (with written instructions)

Animal Cams

Slip n Slide Workout

Hi Everyone, 


Happy Monday and start of week two of our distance learning.This is a fun inspired workout for you. I didn’t really feel like getting out of my slippers this morning, so instead I decided to use them to create a workout. Hope you have some tile or wood floors for this one (and I think socks on carpet could work too). 



Coach Wilde




Backwards Lunges

Side Lunges

Hamstring Curls

Single Arm Push Ups

Mountain Climbers
Tucks &/ or Pikes

Ab Slide Outs

Performance Workout

This is a workout geared towards our student athletes, however it is suitable for all people to enjoy. This workout will test your core strength, balance, and endurance, perfect for those who want to continue improving their strength and conditioning. If you have any questions, feel free to email me!



Coach Wilde

Just Dance

Household Items Workout

Workout 1