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Distance Learning for Faculty: Move Your Body

A Libguide to help Marlborough employees navigate distance learning.


Thank you to Coach Yocum for helping coordinate workouts and challenges.

For those interested in Early Start Yoga with Ms. Burke please join this zoom at 8am on Friday morning. 

Activity Challenge


These instructions were given to our 9th graders for Health. Feel free to attempt and enjoy! - Coach Yocum

Over the course of the next two weeks, your goal is to complete TWO of these five options. Your results, videos, or your discussion can be posted to the Challenge Folder for everyone to enjoy. 


Challenge 1

Complete a 20 minute workout using an app or YouTube video. 

Rate the workout using these guidelines

  1. Pros
  2. Cons
  3. Recommend to others
  4. Changeanything

Post the workout name, link, and your critique to the shared Google Drive folder

Challenge 1

Challenge 2

  • Download a run-tracking app. (Nike Run Club and Asics RunKeeper are great)
  • Go on a 30 min excursion (walk, jog, or run)
  • Using the map feature, try to draw a letter or an shape (M, #, O)
  • Post a screenshot of your drawing to the Google Drive folder


Challenge 2

Challenge 3

  • Load up Just Dance on YouTube or a game box 
  • Pick a song and record a video of you dancing to it
  • Upload the video to Google Drive

Challenge 3


Challenge 4

  • Look around for household items that can be used as weights
  • Create a 6 exercise workout using household items as resistance
  • Post a description to Google Drive of what you used and your workout, for all of us try and enjoy

Challenge 4

Challenge 5

  • Create and complete your own 20 minute HIIT workout complete with exercises and interval times
  • Post the workout to Google Drive for all of us to enjoy

Challenge 5


Movement with Ms. Rothschild

Workouts (with written instructions)

Slip n Slide Workout

Hi Everyone, 


Happy Monday and start of week two of our distance learning.This is a fun inspired workout for you. I didn’t really feel like getting out of my slippers this morning, so instead I decided to use them to create a workout. Hope you have some tile or wood floors for this one (and I think socks on carpet could work too). 



Coach Yocum




Backwards Lunges

Side Lunges

Hamstring Curls

Single Arm Push Ups

Mountain Climbers
Tucks &/ or Pikes

Ab Slide Outs

Performance Workout

This is a workout geared towards our student athletes, however it is suitable for all people to enjoy. This workout will test your core strength, balance, and endurance, perfect for those who want to continue improving their strength and conditioning. If you have any questions, feel free to email me!



Coach Yocum

Just Dance

Household Items Workout

Workout 1